DNA databases

Historical data on state DNA databases in the U.S.

ShotSpotter data on gunfire incidents

ShotSpotter acoustic sensors detect the sound of gunfire and record the precise timestamp as well as the triangulated location of all gunfire incidents in a covered area.

These data were obtained for academic research. You are welcome to use these data for your own research; if you do, please cite the following papers:

Carr, Jillian B., and Jennifer L. Doleac. 2017. “Keep the Kids Inside? Juvenile Curfews and Urban Gun Violence.” Accepted, Review of Economics and Statistics.

Carr, Jillian B., and Jennifer L. Doleac. 2016. “The geography, incidence, and underreporting of gun violence: new evidence using ShotSpotter data.” Brookings Research Paper.


Washington, DC (January 2006 through June 2013) — CSV file

Oakland, CA (January 2008 through October 2013) — CSV file